So long, farewell, Microsoft!

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As of yesterday I am no longer working for Microsoft.

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It’s been an amazing journey behind the scenes, seeing how Microsoft’s Edge browser is made. I had the honor and privilege to meet and work alongside people who built one of the very first browsers I ever opened, a browser that over a decade ago set the stage for the way we use and build the Web today. (Seriously, watch this talk I gave at JS Kongress about how Internet Explorer 4 and 5 changed the Internet forever!)

Shout outs

I’d like to give a shout out to some of the wonderful folks I’ve had pleasure of working with including (but not limited to):

  • Nolan Lawson who brought me in behind him to join the team—it’s been an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.
  • Patrick Kettner aka World’s Best Conference Travel Buddy.
  • Greg Whitworth for always encouraging and teaching everyone around him.
  • Anton Molleda and Cătălin Mariș, whose linter sonarwhal will help you build better sites.
  • Sean Larkin, core contributor to WebPack—and more importantly, the orchid dad to my orchid mom.
  • Travis Leithead who showed me the Way of the W3C.
  • Kirupa Chinnathambi, whose CSS animations and transitions writings I admired long before coming to Microsoft.
  • Brian Terlson, program manager on Edge’s JavaScript engine and an awesome person to share Bavarian brats with.
  • Nell Waliczek who has been an amazing mentor and my inspiration to get into WebVR.

All of these people are folks of the highest caliber, and I look forward to seeing what great things they do in the future.

(And if you’re wondering why other awesome folks like Sarah Drasner and Julie Hubschman aren’t on this list, it’s only because I didn’t get to work closely with them—they’re on completely different teams and in other locations!)

What’s next?

I’m looking forward to taking some time off to reconnect with the technologies I love; master algorithms, Vue.js, and WebXR.

I have no idea what comes next, but I’m interested to hear your ideas: drop me a note!


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