Donating profits this weekend to my hometown Bookmobile

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale: half off all courses.
Use BLACKFRIDAY2017 and get 50% off both my CSS animation and cartooning courses! 100% of proceeds from this sale go to buy a new Bookmobile for my hometown.

What’s this all about?

I’ve been very fortunate this year: completing my first year at Microsoft, publishing my first technical book Animation at Work, living my dream of giving a keynote in Munich in a dirndl (yes, really, that happened!) alongside super amazing smart people. I feel very lucky.

But I couldn’t have gotten here on my own. I like to say that three things changed my life:

  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which provided computers and internet access to rural libraries (like mine).
  • for shipping niche technical books and supplies to an area of the country that had no access to these things.
  • And my local Bookmobile, for bringing me books and human contact from my youth through my adulthood.

And now’s the time to focus on that last one: My old Bookmobile needs help. After years of service it needs replacing, and the library has started a fundraiser for it. They need some help getting across that finish line, and I want to help.

That’s why from now till the end of Cyber Monday, all of my online courses are 50% off and I will donate 100% of the profits to the Bookmobile fund. What’s more, Microsoft has a generous matching program:

For every dollar you spend on my CSS Animations and cartooning courses, Microsoft will match my donation 100%.

Get in on this!

Behold the Patrick County Bookmbile.
Help me help the Bookmobile “keep reading rolling“ in Patrick County, Virginia!


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