Declaration of (Web) Animation

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This Fourth of July, I prepared by reading a graphic novel about my country’s documents, from famous ones like the Declaration of Independence and Emancipation Proclamation to less well known decrees. It’s a little familiar: many people with wildly differing ideas about the future, coming together to put forward the best boundaries and next steps they can come up with. Reminds me of getting many different teams to agree on how to use animation.

And that got me thinking. As a community, we’ve just gotten our hands on animation for the first time. It’s here, in the browser. It is a part of our toolset and workflow. But we all have wildly differing views on it: from marketers trying to add “pop” to banner ads to front end developers concerned with performance to interaction designers who want flexibility. Like the blind men touching the elephant, we all see animation as something different. But animation is much bigger than any one of us.

I’ve learned from working on a big project where I had to address many of these different groups, to help them “see the elephant for what it was,” that getting everyone on the same page helps get us all working together, better, faster.

So, I’ve started writing a manifesto, a “Declaration of (Web) Animation,” if you will, seeking to address all our concerns and set an ideal course for how we expand on animation in the future.

And I’d like your help!

That’s right. This is a community project. If you’d like to be a coauthor, just reply below and state what your biggest concern is for animation online. Let’s get this ball rolling.


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