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When I speak at conferences and give talks like The State of the Animation, invariably members of the audience come to me afterward and say, “I wish I could draw like you!” My response has always been, “Sure you can! Take a 75% pay cut and doodle for the next seven years!”

After enough of this, I started hosting drink and draws and sketching parties at conferences. I’d show people a few tricks from cartooning, and everyone got a lot out of it. So I thought, during those sluggish, boring winter months of 2015, I could teach people in earnest online, through a little “cartooning for technical people” course. I quietly opened registrations through a few tweets, and January filled right up!

I’m offering an overflow class in February for those who want to come learn the “comic secrets” to visual communication! Sign up while there are seats left!

A pouch full of art supplies.
Students who sign up for Le Artiste get a custom pouch full of art supplies to work with!


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