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I’m excited to announce that at the start of 2012 I joined More Better Labs, a UX consultancy and the team behind Ruzuku, the online course creation and educational tool.

I’m looking forward to working with the likes of Abe Crystal, Rick Cecil, Jackson Fox–it’s a sweet lineup and a small team. I’ll mostly be doing front-end development on Ruzuku, but this is also a great chance for me to see how a professional UX consultancy runs. I’m looking forward to putting my JavaSript and Ruby on Rails chops to the test.

What is "Ruzuku?"

Ruzuku is a tool that lets people build online courses, which they can then charge students to attend. We pride ourselves in having the best user experience of the online educational tools on the market and make it really easy for people to monetize their niche skills. If you’re interested in learning more, checkout our Ruzuku 101 course or drop me a line!

Smashing Boxes was great

My time at Smashing Boxes was invaluable. I met many great designers and developers and got my first exposure to agile workflow. Agency experience is experience in dog years: I learned a lot and did a lot in a short period of time, building other people’s dreams. Now I want to build just one dream.

Macbook Pro for sale!

With the change in jobs, I find myself in possession of a glorious 17” Macbook Pro that need a new home. If you are interested, please do drop me a line!

The new

To celebrate these big life changes, I have overhauled to make it more of a personality/professional site. I will be shutting down and have already transferred all the content here. My reasoning is that when I started freelancing at the beginning of my career and the economic crisis four years ago, I didn’t have “a name.” My name was only recognized in comics, and I wasn’t sure how comics and web design would mix. I felt like I had to hide behind a business name.

But this past year I gave three talks five times, and each time I illustrated the talk in my own, quirky way. People in my professional circles had started recognizing me as “the cartoon girl.” So I figure that it is time to own my own name and my comic book heritage. My cartoons are as much a part of my personal brand and success as my code. You can find my comics and personal blog at and my work right here here at (Designers, I totally see you resizing your browser window. You should try reading this on a Kindle! Pretty awesome, even with eInk!)

2012, here I come

I have some things planned for 2012, mostly writing and making new comics. I want to give some more talks, but for some reason I never find events until they’re almost upon me! If you know of some place I should be talking, do let me know (preferably more than a week beforehand!).

2011 was good to me. I hope 2012 will be good to us both. Put in the hours. Learn new things. Kick major ass!


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