Of WordPress, comics, and webdesign: Speaking at function pink() and NC Dev Con

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August 31st 2011, function pink(): WordPress Custom Development

I’ll be giving a workshop on extending WordPress as a CMS at function pink() in Raleigh on August 31st.

“In the past few years, WordPress has risen to dominate the blogging arena. But it’s not just for blogging anymore! Since version 2.8, all sorts of goodies have been added to WordPress’s core that let you expand its functionality from mere blogging software to robust CMS. Things that once required a slew of plugins can now be done with a few edits to your functions.php file.

In this talk, you will learn how to make a child theme and extend it with custom post and content types, custom taxonomies, menus, post images, and more. Once you learn these simple techniques, you can start configuring themes to do almost anything, from dynamic image sliders to art galleries. Before you consider another CMS, before you install a complicated plugin, check out what a little WordPress dev can do for you!”

September 17-18th 2011, NC Dev Con: "Comics and Design: How to tell stories with pictures and words."

Every site has a story. It’s our job to help translate that story into words and pictures, to hold the attention of  visitors and lead them to the “happy ending,” be that clicking “buy” or filling out a contact form. I used to make comics for a living, and I find that the skills I learned making comics help me tell better stories with my web designs. I’m thrilled to be talking about it at NC Dev Con! I hope I’ll see you there!

NC Dev Con 2011: Speaker


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