I'll be speaking about Security at WordCamp Raleigh in May

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I’ll be giving a talk on Simple Steps to WordPress Security at WordCamp Raleigh on Saturday, May 1st, from 11am to 12pm. Check out the other excellent WordPress talks on the event’s schedule page. There are topics covering all skill levels, from blogger to web master! Be sure to register ahead of time! Tickets are $45 and help pay for the venue, a shirt, and lunch.

I’ll be covering three things:

  1. Why security is important (surprisingly, at WordPress meets, people seem more interested in hearing about plugins than securing their sites--this is why hackers don't feel bad about ruining their digital lives)
  2. Simple things your grandpa can do to lock down his WordPress install
  3. DIY WordPress security, for more advanced users who aren't afraid of a little FTP, htaccess files and tweaking their databases.

Come, join me, and we shall make the Internet a safer, less hackable space!


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