My Fizzled Durham presentation: Everything I needed to know about Social Media I learned from Pikachu

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Last year I was so dazzled by the speakers at Ignite Raleigh that I promised myself I would submit a presentation idea the next time around. A year later I submitted the talk below to Ignite Raleigh, but it was apparent that although it was was getting many votes, it would not make top ten. So when Dan London approached me about giving said talk at Fizzled Durham, I was immediately on board!

I offered to go first to help break the ice and calm my nerves for the rest of the night. I even got a few laughs out of the crowd! All in all,  I think I did well for someone who hasn’t given a talk to a room of strangers since grade school. But to be sure I covered all before I went live, I did a test run at Slideshare and passed it around to friends to proofread. This version still has some typos, but I’ll try to upload a rectified version after this crazy week is over! Check it out!

The presentation was much shorter than I had originally made it. My original took 9 minutes! So I had to cut a lot of more in depth bits. I didn’t even get to go into how the latest generation of Pokemon games ship with a pedometer that allows you to take the game with you while you walk and play! (I cannot wait for my preorder!)


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