Die Flash, die.

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I used to say that there were only three real uses for Flash: media players, animations, and games. (Everything else can be replicated with jQuery and AJAX.) These were the fingers with which Flash clung to the Internet. But one by one, they are being stomped on by HTML 5 and Javascript. And now that the ipad and iphone don’t support Flash, the tide is begining to turn for Adobe’s darling, albeit not as quickly as I would have it.

I’m so happy.

I’m happy because fewer clients are going to ask for Purple Ponies that can “do Flash.”

I’m happy because I won’t have to spend hours explaining to clients why Flash is a bad idea for accessibility, maintainability, and SEO. I can just point at their phone and shake my head.

I’m happy because people with Flash-based sites are going to want redesigns and conversions of their old sites. (This of course means more business for people like me.)

I’m happy because dodgy Flash-by-nighters are going to have to learn how to make sites that aren’t invisible to search engines and screen readers. That is good for both the hapless client and the whole of society!

I’m happy because real Flash gurus who could read the writing on the wall have already started looking into Flash alternatives and shouldn’t be harmed by this trend one bit.

But what makes me happiest of all is knowing that I made the right decision when I took one look at the proprietary format back when Flash was hot stuff, squinched up my face and thought, “You’d be better off learning Javascript in the long run.”

Thank you, Apple, for indulging me in this brief bout of schadenfreude.


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