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The best place to start learning about the Web Animations API is the documentation I wrote for MDN on a Mozilla Foundation grant. But it’s a big spec, and sometimes it helps to get a fast overview with some talks and slides:


  • State of the Animation (recording and slides) is all about where the Web Animations API came from and what it means for the Web.
  • Alice in Web Animations API Land (recording and slides) is an introduction to the API via cute Alice in Wonderland demos.
  • The Web in Motion (recording and slides) gets into how animation specifically is a big deal for building the Web forward.



The Animation at Work Slack has an entire #WAAPI channel frequented by spec author Brian Birtles and Web Animations API enthusiasts like Dan Wilson. A great place to engage in real time conversations about the spec—a major reason I founded the Slack! Shoo, go chat.

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It’s a big API, so while Firefox 48 and Chrome have The MDN documentation provides the most up-to-date, granular, and accurate feature support information.

There is a polyfill for unsupported features and browsers like Edge and Safari. Its more experimental incarnation, Web Animation Next, which includes level 2 features like grouping and sequencing.

Speaking of, Edge and Safari developers have moved the Web Animations API into their respective to-do lists.

Beware: Our beloved CanIUse.com is not a reliable source for compatibility as it does not report in detail on which features are implemented in which browsers. There is a manual test you can do yourself just to be sure.

Want to talk web animations?

And of course, if you want to talk about Web animation or need help wrangling it, shoot me an email!


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