Web Animation Essentials CSS Animations and Transitions

an online course by Rachel Nabors

Master CSS Animations and Transitions the fun and easy way!

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Learn everything I know in a few lunch breaks.

Instructors on other sites are often paid by how many minutes you watch their videos. But your time is precious and there are so many other things left to learn. That's why I've spent so much of my time editing these videos and exercises: so you don't waste a single minute.

Discover the best browser developer tools for working with animation

Different browsers offer different tools and timelines for editing and scrubbing through your animations. Understanding them will help you pick the right tool for your job.

Master CSS Animations and Transitions quickly

CSS is one of the most performant and accessible ways to bring animation into your toolset. My courses have been field-tested around the world with great results.

Learn how to create performant animations with ease

Learn all about will-change, the rendering pipeline and how two performant properties can help you out of a janky jam.  

Hi, I'm Rachel Nabors. I made this course for you.

I love the web animation community and advocate for it as an invited expert at the W3C. I've written on the topic for A List Apart and Smashing Mag and have given workshops at companies and conferences in eight different countries.

And now I'm making one of my best workshops available right here at your fingertips, no conference pass required.

Why CSS Animation?

Animation is one of the top trends in web design, and some claim motion design is the future of UI. CSS Animations and Transitions offer you performant, flexible ways to implement animation online. If you know the basics of CSS and JavaScript, my course will turn you into a CSS animation pro, capable of implementing, troubleshooting, and tweaking animations. Even senior front-end developers will learn something new. You will walk away with a depth of comprehension that allows you to guide and help your coworkers create the designs of tomorrow.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for aspiring and established designers and developers alike who have some familiarity with CSS and jQuery (or JavaScript). 

How long does it take?

The course is self-paced. There are about 4 hours worth of videos in addition to exercises. You could complete it in an afternoon, over a weekend, or in a few evenin

How does it work?

When you purchase this course, you gain access to the course's site where all its lessons are. Each lesson has videos, exercises, tips and tricks. (In the videos, I walk you through the solutions to every exercise, too, just in case you get stuck!) You can download the videos for keeping and traveling, too.

How long do I get to keep it?

Forever. You bought it.

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Opened my eyes as to how just a few lines of code could bring so much - well, animation - to design!

— Jon Wendy Kastner

Rachel Nabors is no stranger to those in the CSS community. Her course on animations is on par with her reputation. I highly recommend it!

— John Dugan

So you think you know CSS animations and transitions? Let Rachel Nabors prove you wrong and still wanting more!

— Emmanuel Ulloa

This was awesome. So excited and can't wait to add more animations to our companies website. I will be pushing my designers to come up with reason to use animations more on our sites, only where it looks good :)

— Chris Manciero

So good, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Convenient CodePen exercises–no code to set up.
Learn at your own speed.
Start and stop as you need.
World class instruction from industry expert Rachel Nabors.
To-the-point lessons save you precious hours of your life.
Learning CSS with cats.
Come on.
Videos are yours to download and keep forever.
Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.
Captioned videos you can understand without audio.

Not ready? Here, take this.

That's ok! I want you to have this super useful CSS Animations and Transitions cheat sheet I made for the course.
A handy cheatsheet for learning CSS Animations and Transitions.