Web Animation, UI & Motion Design Consulting

It’s dangerous to go alone. Take me with you.

Animation is a healthy part of a balanced user experience, whether you’re developing apps for watches or government websites. Improving your user’s experience will attract and retain more users, as well as guiding them toward desired actions. In other words, expert motion design can help you decrease churn and increase revenue.

Good motion design can:

  • ease cognitive load
  • increase perceived speed
  • add delight to an otherwise static environment

Every team and every project faces different animation challenges, which is why I offer custom workshops, training sessions, and audits to suit every situation. I can help you:

  • Design immersive, delightful experiences with motion and meaning
  • Develop performant, maintainable animations that integrate with your design system
  • Create accessible animations for older users and users with vestibular disorders
  • Integrate animation into your design process with prototyping, storyboard, and animatics
  • Identify interaction bottlenecks where animation expedites the user’s journey
  • Communicate animation deliverables across a team or organization

Why Work with Me

I’ve given workshops at companies and conferences in eight different countries; write about web animations and UI animation for publications such as A List Apart, Net Mag, and Adobe Inspire; keynote conferences including O’Reilly’s OSCON, and have brought motion into design systems including Lightning Design System.

What People Like You Are Saying

Rachel has been an amazing go-to person as we’ve begun to bring animations “into the fold”.

Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis, Lead UI Developer at Salesforce

You are my go-to animation expert!

Sara Soueidan, SVG expert

…a force of nature in web animation!

Harald Eckmüller, UX Lead at MindNode

When #UX shows power structures. @rachelnabors is already a complete professional.

Ame Elliot, Design Director Simply Secure

…composed, skilled, and extremely knowledgeable…

Paul Fenwick

(Rachel Nabors) is a wizard. An absolute wizard.

Sam Richards, IBM Watson

The web isn’t just a series of linked documents anymore: it moves, breathes, changes under your users’ fingertips. If you’re ready to move with it, I’m ready to help you.
Let’s do this.
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