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It is with great pride that I am announcing my upcoming A Book Apart book, Animation at Work! This book condenses everything I have learned about practical animation for the web over years of working with clients and advocating for the web animation community. It covers how to put animation to work for your users, how to incoroporate it into a design system, what to avoid and why.

Animation at Work book cover with foreward by Dan Mall.
Coming soon from A Book Apart, Animation at Work!

Want to know a secret?

A Book Apart was one of the first publishers I purchased from when I started my career in web development and design so many years ago. I’ve looked up for them for as long as I can remember writing CSS! I confess it took me several years to get this book off the ground. I was very shy about submitting to this publisher, but after some bumpy false starts, finally I worked up the nerve to submit. And guess what?

They turned me down flat!

Well, the first time.

I took their feedback to heart, reworked my draft and my submission, and sent it in again. And guess what? It turned out that the editorial team at A Book Apart values that sort of attitude. (Lucky me for being so stubborn, right?)

Since then I’ve been working with some of the very best editors I know to bring you a book that goes above and beyond anything I could have made on my own. And because of that, I personally feel this is the best book on animation for web design that you can invest your time and money in.

It is short. It is sweet. Chris Coyier said it’s the only darn thing you need to read on the topic. And it goes on sale in August.

I just can’t wait to share it with you!


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