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The updated post can be found here. This one is out of date!

This post supplements my various talks about the the Web Animations API. Want to talk animation? Shoot me an email!

How to give feedback

You can email public-fx@w3.or with subject beginning “[web-animations] … ”

On IRC: irc.w3.org#webanimations

On the Animation at Work Slack’s #WAAPI channel.


All browsers except for webkit (iOS Safari, Safari) have begun implementing the API. It’s a large API, so not all browsers have completely implemented all of its components. CanIUse.com is not a reliable source for compatibility as it does not report in detail on which features are implemented in which browsers. Fortunately, there’s a manual test you can do yourself.


People who have some familiarity with C++ coding, you can help implement the API in Firefox. Brian Birtles might even mentor you! And Mozilla’s always looking for people to help write docs on MDN.

People to follow/pester

  • Brian Birtles—major author of spec, Mozilla Japan
  • Tab Atkins—Googler, coauthor, works on (CSS) specs
  • Me—Invited expert at W3C, vocal input-giver on spec.

And of course, you can meet us all on the #waapi channel at the Animation at Work Slack.


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