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Slides from my talk about animation and the future of UX are on SlideShare. They don’t have the videos because Keynote. Darn!




  • The Infinite Canvas Screencast—My screencast that brings together code, storytelling, animation and design in one place. Interviews with people from many fields, sure to entertain and inspire!
  • All the Right Moves—Val Head’s how-to screencasts on CSS animations and the like.

Recorded Talks


Examples of animation in action

People on Twitter

CSS Animation Effects Libraries

Performance Tools

  • CSS Triggers—Far from comprehensive, but a look at what CSS properties trigger reflows and repaints.

Prototyping Tools


A number of UIs have been created to help people create animations easier. I prefer to hand code everything and build my own tools, but others who do not have that luxury will be interested in these:

Pasquale D’Silva has written about the need for better animation tools. I remain confident that when browser vendors like Mozilla create proper timeline tools, the need for an animation UI will become less pressing and the browser will potentially become a viable animation IDE.


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