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I’ve been culling the people I follow on Twitter. 500+ was just too much to wade through. My twitter stream was like a conveyor belt. I managed to slim it down to about 300, but while I was manually checking each person’s profile to determine whether or not I would unfollow them, I realized that many of the front-enders I follow don’t have as many followers as I do even though we are obviously on equal footing as far as skills and tweet quality. Dan Denney prompted me to make a list of the front-enders I recommend you follow, and I’m happy to oblige, since I’m mucking around in Twitter all day.

Rising Stars

Currently under 1k followers! Get in now so you can say, “I was following them before they got popular.”

Big Fish

Have at least 1k in followers. You may or may not be following these guys already.

Big names you probably already follow

At least 10k in followers and constantly retweeted by the above.

Other languages

  • emrecamasuvi tweets in Turkish
  • FDo5 tweets in Japanese, but from what I can translate, they're gold

And that’s not counting all the UI, UX and IA people I follow! I might make a list of them in the future.

Did I leave anyone out? Comment your recommendations!


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